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BULK-BILLED 24 hour HOLTER MONITOR Service with no cost to you


Did you know that this practice offers Cardiac Monitoing Services?

Do you have :

- Palpitations

- Cardiac Arrhythmias

- Skipped or extra heart beats

- Dizzy episodes

- Black outs?

You may benefit from a 24hour HOLTER MONITOR to record the electricalactivity of

your heart during your symptoms.

The monitor is worn for 24 hours and then returned for analysis and reporting.

If you have any of the above symptoms make an appointment or walk in to discuss

your symptoms with one of our doctor to see if you would benefit from this service.



- Flu vaccine commencing April 2018


The Flu season is almost approaching thus flu vaccination is highly recommended for

adults and children from 6 months and above especially those with chronic medical conditions,

respiratory problems and the elderly.


Flu is more than a bad cold and can cause complications. Immunisation helps protect

you and your family.


Contact us today to book your flu shot commencing in April 2018. The Flu vaccine will be free and

complimentary to all those  eligible for the free Government funded vaccine.

Extended Opening hours

From March 2016, the clinic opening hours for Thursday and Friday

will be Thursday 9:00am -9:00pm and Friday 9:00am-9:00pm.

From May 2017, the clinic opening hours for sunday will be 10am-3pm

Please call 03 9360 4172 for appointments and enquiries. Walk in, Urgent and same day appointments accepted